Cleaning Tips

Tip 1

Spring cleaning is done two to four times a year. Move everything. Take pictures off walls, damp wipe skirting boards, damp wipe tops of doors, wash doors and window frames completely, wash windows inside and out. Wash or dust walls as required. Vacuum fly screens. Better still remove and wash.

Tip 2

Kitchens should always be cleaned as you go so, they can stay a safe place for food preparation.

Tip 3

Bathrooms should be cleaned weekly as a build-up of dirt is quick to occur here.

Tip 4

Bedrooms maybe done fortnightly.

Tip 5

Toilets ideally should be done daily.

Tip 6

Put a toilet product into the cistern to be used with each flush.

Tip 7

Only use water on Mirrors and then only a little on a damp paper towel or micro fibre cloth, otherwise you first have to wipe off the water and then polish the mirror.

Tip 8

Taps and sinks can be shined with a squirt of glass cleaner but make sure you wash it off with water as it is slightly acid and will pit over time.

Tip 9

Vacuum every day using a robotic vacuum. This is working while you are not! It needs to be emptied every day and you still need to use a regular vacuum cleaner for the hard to get at places from time to time.

Tip 10

Use a stick vacuum without a cord instead of a broom. Its fast and you don’t need to bend. Just a quick empty straight into the bin.

Tip 11

Mop using a spray mop. No buckets required. Wonderful.

Tip 12

Use gloves to protect your hands always.

Tip 13

Keep spiders at bay by using lemon oil or surface insect spray on your cobweb brush.

Tip 14

A broom is great for swiping down cobwebs around doors outside – it stops spiders coming in.

Tip 15

Have a 5-minute tidy up before going to bed each night to start the next day clear. Better still have everyone do a 2-minute tidy up.

Tip 16

You can get away with just 4 products - detergent, toilet cleaner micro-fibre cloths and water.

Tip 17

Cleaning is not just about looking good but also about keeping people healthy.

Tip 18

Everyone over the age of 6 should be expected to contribute to the cleaning of the home.

Tip 19

Air your house whenever the day and time permits.

Tip 20

Use glass cleaner on dark kitchen benches and cupboards made of laminate type products to make them shine.

Tip 21

Keep vermin at bay.

Tip 22

Never fill a bucket more than half full to protect your back. It’s better to change the water frequently to have clean water and your more inclined to do this with a half full bucket.

Tip 23

Calcium buildup in showers is best removed with a white non scratch scourer and laundry soaking powder. Rinse off with water. It makes the tiles gleam and the glass sparkle again.

Tip 24

Window tracks can be done with a small paint brush and a vacuum cleaner to suck up as you go.

Tip 25

Use a mat inside and outside of every external door. Many people either don’t wipe their feet or step over the mat. At least with two you can catch them on one! Better still have a no shoes in the house policy. Good luck with that!

Tip 26

For Kids - Clothes should be in the wash, on your back, or in your cupboard.

Tip 27

If it’s all too much call Bunbury Cleaning Services where we make it easy to be clean.