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    Will you help me move my furniture?

    Our cleaning professionals are paid by the hour.

    So it is more cost effective for you to clear the floor area as much as possible before we arrive. That way you are just paying for the specialist service you have booked us for.

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    How often do I need to reseal my vinyl/lino floors?

    That depends on the area and how it is used. Commercial floors will usually require resealing every year or two, while with residential floors, it’s good to have them sealed every 3-10 years depending on foot traffic and use. It also depends on the quality of the sealer that is used and the way it has been applied. If you have the procedure professionally done you will get the most out of it and be saving time and money.

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    Do you clean houses?

    Yes! We have found that as each property and each customer’s requirements are so varied, the fairest way to schedule our prices is to charge per hour. We supply all of the products and equipment required for the job, and work is guaranteed for 7 days from job completion. All of our cleaners have Police Clearance and are covered by Workers Compensation and Public Liability insurance. We also guarantee continuity of service, meaning in the event that your cleaner is sick, or on holidays, we will provide a relief cleaner in their place. We offer a flexible service, in that you can engage a cleaner for as many or as few services as you require, and you may give notice to cancel your service at any time without penalty. You may set out the list of tasks that you would like attended to, and these may vary from service to service depending on your requirements. Our only stipulation is a minimum of 2 hours per service.

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    How much does it cost for a vacate clean?

    Every property and every customer’s requirements are different. We have found that the fairest way to structure our pricing is by the hour. We actually charge in 15 minute increments, so you only pay for the time we spend cleaning. Our team of professionals will work hard and fast to get your property sparkling. It is helpful to keep in mind the current condition of the property, and how you would like it to look when we have finished. If these two things seem quite far apart, then it will take a little longer to get there and therefore a little more of an investment to get it looking perfect. When you enquire about a Vacate Clean with us, we will send you a checklist to complete. This way we can prepare an estimate based on your property and specific needs. Call us now to get our current competitive rate.